About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place.

At Cambrian Academy, we provide study abroad admission services, wherein each student gets access to our proven proprietary framework and internal portal for optimizing his or her candidacy.

The Admissions Counselling Service (ACS) at Cambrian Academy, is an amalgamation of highly specialized and customized services. The student gets assistance in the admission process right from university selection to visa counselling.

Cambrian Academy is also the exclusive partner of Admissionado in India. It provides a specialty approach to mentorship by distinguished alumni of Ivy league universities.

Our Vision

The essence of our service lies in prioritising purity of intent, with all focus to provide the applicant an unbiased and comprehensive service. The first phase of this service is assessment and planning – when we align a candidate’s strengths with the target schools’ selection criteria, isolate his/her areas of concern, and propose a very specific, customized action plan to optimize his/her candidacy. The next phase is the implementation where we work along with the candidate to develop the key components of his/her application such as the resume, recommendation letters, essays, statement of purpose and interview preparation.

Student Counselling At Cambrian Academy

The needs of every student are unique to each. That’s why , at Cambrian Academy, our student counselling sessions are designed in a way to be able to recognize the unique needs and desires of students who want to study abroad. Through our online/face to counselling sessions students get an entire picture of the most precise information about the course, its costs scholarships, and the procedure to follow for the top universities.

The best campus facilities

We support students in following their paths to top universities in the world. We provide students with access to outstanding instruction as well as thousands of degrees, and profoundly fulfilling experiences. We believe that we can provide the most personalized and personal service that is available. No matter who you are we want to do things in your own way.

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